some dedicase

here are some dates at the moments for signatures.
october 8 at bulles de salon,from 14h30 rue carnot,levallois-perret.
october 14 to 16 festival chambery.
october 22 BDscope in liege.
october 27 super heroe,175 rue saint martin,paris with grazia la padula.
october 28 to 30,festival st malo .

november FILIJ Mexico city,dates for comfirmer.fechas pendientes.


in winter times will be

since time ago i been doing experiment in recicle stuff like emvelopes and serial carton,i kinda like the brown color of those,i just found this one in my bouch of peper one acomulate with time and decide to retouch with white acrilics,so here it is maybe for my next show in paris,who knows? i think it still need some little work.