This is the cover of my new book les bêtises de xinophixerox (in french only),and it will be publisher in february by paquet editions,with an advance aparition for the angouleme festival and is my first book completely in water colors,aswell writen by me,you must have to wait for something crazy hehe :P
hope you like it.



well,this is a little sketchy drawing of beautifull vampire seffana,hope you like it,want to see more of her go to http://www.seffana.net/


tour in belgium

well,i am making a little tour next week,hope to see you in some point,so this goes like this:
jeudi 18/11 Phylactère à Soignies
vendredi 19/11 Couleurs directes à Valenciennes
samedi 20/11 Fanfula à Tournai
dimanche 21/11 Club BDcollines à Ellezelles

about the ilustration,is a stract from un regard par dessus lépaule,book i drew with pierre paquet as a writer,published by paquet editions


Les Déesses de la route

I did this drawing for the BD les déesses de la route of my friends Olivier and Emilio,published by paquet in the colletion calandre,i am not used to draw cars but was fun to do this one.
if you want to know more about the book go here http://www.collection-cockpit.com/calandre


DOOMBOY the book

Doom boy has been a little character who sometimes transit my sketchbooks and blogs,and little by little he has been constructed a story, and i did some pages over and over and when i found someting i like i propose to my publisher pierre paquet to do a book about him.
I still working on that book,wich is a bit influenced by a memory collection from my young days when i use to play in a band, all the friends around and the local rock scene,fun time.
Hope to finish that book in the midle of the next year.


drinking boy

a little book am doing with a friend,delph m.




adornos de flores

a little drawing i did for louloune in barcelona byside to anice glass of beer :)



hace ya un rato,con mis amigos del DF empezamos un ejersicio de historieta,un cadaver exiquisito,fue divertido hasta donde duro,graficamente me gusta aun que la historia,bueno,no es lo mejor de todo esto,en fin lo pasamos bien creo,aqui hay algunas de mis aportaciones,creo fueron mas,pero no encuentro lso otros archivos asi que para ver detalles y el trabajo de los otros pueden hechar un ojo aqui : http://cadaver.produccionesbalazo.com/



my publisher ask me to do a homenage for the 20 number usagui yugimbo album in french,so this is my version.


a tu lado

pencil drawing colored with painter.


she maybe come from the sea

she maybe come from the sea,ps.


death in flowers

water colors.



expo a lausanne



a character from a friend,lili toxic. it is almost real i can say people!


xinophixeraux ataca otra vez!

I start a little comic in the train,because i find myself very often there,and sometimes is a long time,so i decide to do a this little proyect,xinophiseraux,the little black devil who come from the hell of my sketchbook,he did his first aparition in the sketchbook published by paquet,so now its became more active and requiere more of my time than just in the train travels,at the moment i can say is has been just a improvisation exersice.



SUESEA,was the original name,but as long it had to be publish in spanish we change a just niña mar,(sea girl) is a little story i did with my good friend,paco haghenbeck in the 2006.
it is just in spanish folks so,sorry about it.



just a watercolor,from my sketchbook.


un regard par sessus l´épaule

so,this is the new book,i did with my friend and publisher pierre paquet,as long i can say for my self is a beutifull story,with a nice ending,hope you have the chance to read it ,its coming out soon on stores,and of course we plan to sign it in anouleme,and if you go don´t forget to ask pierre paquet a dedicase too.



a little workshop time1

after the xmas in the south of france,i had a strong need of paint and do experiments,so i have hidden in the flat in Paris and started doing a lot of thing in the same time,so here are some of it,i did try to take a picture of every moment in the process,but is not easy,sometimes is too much beer.