This is the cover of my new book les bêtises de xinophixerox (in french only),and it will be publisher in february by paquet editions,with an advance aparition for the angouleme festival and is my first book completely in water colors,aswell writen by me,you must have to wait for something crazy hehe :P
hope you like it.



well,this is a little sketchy drawing of beautifull vampire seffana,hope you like it,want to see more of her go to http://www.seffana.net/


tour in belgium

well,i am making a little tour next week,hope to see you in some point,so this goes like this:
jeudi 18/11 Phylactère à Soignies
vendredi 19/11 Couleurs directes à Valenciennes
samedi 20/11 Fanfula à Tournai
dimanche 21/11 Club BDcollines à Ellezelles

about the ilustration,is a stract from un regard par dessus lépaule,book i drew with pierre paquet as a writer,published by paquet editions