well,st malo was a very nice weekend,we did a nice session of dedicase and found a lot of cool people around,here are my back tickets i was seat next to grazia la padula,a great drawer from Italy,she just came of finish her book with dilles as a writer,le jardin d´hiver,wich is a exlenet book,from paquet editions.

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Fabian dijo...

Hijole, ese ticket ya cuesta mas, aun usado, te quedo fregonsote!! :)
No sabia nada de esa artista, gracias por el tip, se ve muy bueno su trabajo, vere como conseguir algo de su material! :) Buena semana, Tony!

Noryuken dijo...

I absolutely want the dress with the squid... :D
An unforgettable weekend indeed, can't wait to be in Angoulême.

David M. Alfaro dijo...

por lo visto el guión deja mucho que desear