berlin walking

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indianaasha dijo...

greetings from indonesia! i realllyyy love your works!!! cheers- asha

Unknown dijo...

Hi Tony.

I discovered your work few months ago with Nocturno Vol I. Then, "Xinophixerox" and "The corpse and the sofa"
I love your work. I'l buy Nocturno Vol II soon... and probably all your work :)
Keep going you kick ass !

Soul Moony dijo...

Hi, Im a littel fan from Mexico... I discovered your work in a conven I went last weekend, there was a little spot were I saw 2 of your comics, "the corpse and the sofa" and "gris" I was captured by the style so I bought them (and went out of money xD) I fell in love with your work and now Im lookin for a place where I can buy them... but I think I would have to go to Leon... anyway... Keep the good work.