tour france 2008

well this a photo with my colege Pahe,in the tour in france,belgium and swizz we did,so we meet a lot of cool people,and it always make feel like to do another tourmeven is is to mcuh work,yeah drinking beer and jumping to trais every day.

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Abusedmember dijo...

hola tony!
nice pictures. congrats on the tour. :D

Tirso Cons dijo...

Hey Tony, que pasa?

Vaya blog... anda que avisas!

A ver si nos vemos ahora que andamos por el mismo país!



Sorrentino dijo...

I love your blog!! Are you a fan of H.P. LOvecraft? Cheers!

Eric Orchard dijo...

Amazing work Tony!

chiica18 dijo...

Hi tony. Nice to meet you.
¿Cuántos idiomas hablas?
Ha quedado lindo tu trabajo!!
excelente!! Espero leer pronto "Gris"

Pahé dijo...

Merci tony et à nous revoir en tournée un de ces 4! yes tony hablo espagnol